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Republic Day celebration

Republic day i.e. 26th January created a legend to be remembered for long-long time in the history of Anusaran. It was a great opportunity and privilege to be part of this patriotic event at Anusaran' village school. It was a jubilant moment in which whole staff, children, young women and the community participated with full joy. The whole event was able to produce a glimpse of Indian culture, colours and varieties from different states of India. This day was quite special as the Nigam Parshad (Sr. Govt. Official) of the area came and witnessed the programme as Chief Guest. The school was decorated with the tricolour of India signifying patriotism, peace and labour which are also the values of Anusaran. The young children performed a small skill to show the importance of education in life.


The young children brought beautiful folk dances from north India. The girls from group III produced folk dance from west part of India in the direction of young women from village school. The elder girls displayed their talents in the form of singing and dancing. It was great event for the locality as parents came to witness and encourage their children, mostly mothers came and were very happy to see the talents of their children specially their daughters'. We wish that such events will come more and more in Anusaran that enhance the feelings of celebration together and live in unity among the fellow citizens of the country.

Vocational Guidance Programme for Young Children

Anusaran - In Search of Lost Innocence It has been observed that in the slum and nearby rural areas in west Delhi, lots of severe problems are indulging. Lots of violence, fights, robbery are quite common in the community and are in daily routine. The bad effect of all these is directly falling on the younger generation. Lots of young children have fallen into the habit of consuming drugs, stealing and quarrelling. They look without hope for their future. Through Anusaran's ' Morning Class Project' we are trying to work with these young generation, who are in harmful and hopeless conditions to show them the light of hope, education and guidance, through counseling, non-formal education and vocational guidance. In this direction, besides our regular non formal classes we invited Mr. Sanjay Rodrick Jha, Director - EMPI Business School to conduct a 'Vocational Guidance Programme' for our young children.


The programme went very well. Children participated with full enthusiasm. They were very happy since they have been asked about their individual dreams what they want to be in their future. They are quite excited and see positively towards their future. They want to seriously follow the guidance they have been given. Some of them want to be Charted Accountant, Youth Counselor, Teacher, Cricketer etc. We are committed to bring their dreams to the real. We at Anusaran want to share our joy and convey our gratitude to all those who are actively participating with us to bring the change into the lives of those, who have no hope. We together can build a healthy society, nation and the world.

Independence Day Celebration

Independence day i.e. 15th August, this year was celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy among the women and children in Anusaran. On this occasion a colourful cultural programme was organized in the neighbourhood of Anusaran School, which is in the rehabilitate colony in Sector 7, Dwarka, New Delhi. The programme started by hosting our national flag. The grandmother of Joginder (one of the boys from Morning -boys' group class) hosted the flag. It was followed by national anthem sung by everyone presented there.


Children were very happy and excited. They were very happy as they took part in dance, singing and acting. Girls did a meaningful skit - projecting the importance of education in women's life. Boys group did dance too. Many boys, women and children gave their testimonies about how their lives have been changed and they have got the direction and confidence in their lives after coming to Anusaran. Many parents of the children and people from locality came and witnessed the talent and development of their children. It had become a memorable platform for the women and children where they displayed their ever so colourful and vibrant talents. The girls group presented a dance spreading the Indian colours all over.


At this occasion many young women were awarded with certificates for successfully completion of their beautician, stitching and embroidery courses run by Anusaran. The occasion has become a history written in the heart of Anusaran to be remembered for ever. It was a great witness among the locality to see how women and children (once considered to be hopeless) can do amazing and great things when guided and taken care of properly with love. We hope such events even greater will keep happening in future by the great support of our well wishers. We are hearty thankful to all our well wishers whose great support, encouragement and prayers have made this event successful.

Women workshop in Anusaran


Anusaran organized a beauty therapy workshop for the women and girls of rural area in west Delhi oftenly. To much of our surprise and happiness, we witnessed many girls and women with children who attended this workshop against all the odds as the scorching heat is prevailing this summer.


It was a great opportunity to meet and talk to so many women and girls from the rural areas and to talk about issue like beauty therapy, we have seen great interest and shyness as well, but they were quite keen to know about their body and skin related information. They shared that they want to have many more such kinds of workshops. In future we are planning more such workshops on issues like - health, cooking, stitching, embroidery, beauty therapy etc.

Anusaran's Amar Kanti Scholarship (Sponsoring education of deserving girls)

Educate a girl and you will educate a family, a nation.. In Anusaran, under Amar Kanti Scholarship, at present we are supporting education of 5 young deserving girls to get formal education by the help and financial supports from our well wishers. Considering the present scenario and condition of young girls and women in north India, educating girls has become a must. Girls are considered as burden. There are so many feticides and infanticides going around against girl child, which has further caused lots of unhealthy practices like purchasing brides etc. To remove such unhealthy and unethical practices, educating girls and making them self sufficient has become so important.


Anusaran is conducting various programmes in direction to bring awareness among rural and slums about education specially educating girls. Amar Kanti scholarship is a programme under which we are sponsoring formal education to poor and deserving girls. There are so many young girls coming to Anusaran, who deserve to be educated formally. Though Anusaran is providing non-formal education, but we need financial help to support formal education for such deserving girls.


Anusaran is also moving in direction to build a girls hostel to provide shelter and education to deprive and underprivileged girls. We invite all well wishers to participate and contribute towards this noble cause. Please feel free to contact the undersigned for the same.

Abha David - General Secretary
Anusaran - In Search of Lost Innocence