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Application Steps:

Step 1
Once Anusaran receives your email, we will reply back with answers to your questions. A formal application will be attached or you can download a formal application form our website or apply online.
Step 2
Complete the application form and send by mail.
Step 3
After receiving your application, we will notify you immediately and your application will be processed. Please allow us 1-2 weeks to process your application, match your interest, and come up with the details of your project, arrangements for room and food, and answer your questions.


Step 4
Once you get confirmation of your project(s), your arrangements of room and food, and local contact addresses, you should start preparing for travel and obtain all necessary documents (passport, visa) and immunization requirements.
Step 5
Once you have purchased your ticket, please mail a photocopy of your passport and itinerary to our office.
Step 6
Participants must make a full payment at least 2 months prior to departure.
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By signing here, I acknowledge that I thoroughly read all Anusaran terms and conditions for my volunteers and internship placement. I hereby agree on all the terms and conditions given by Anusaran, including the organization’s responsibilities, my (volunteer) responsibilities, my liability waiver, and the termination conditions of my volunteer program. I understand everything that I have read, and I will fully abide by all of Anusaran’ terms and conditions.
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