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"You are exposed to so much as volunteer here ranging from numerous world religions, to different levels of education, a deeply historically rich nation with so much to see, and a country, which is struggling to become developed. I would highly recommend this grassroots organization for anyone who is interested in helping and having an absolutely amazing experience." - Adrian 25, U.S.A, 12 week volunteer

Frequently Asked Questions

Anusaran is eager to provide our international volunteers and interns with as much information as possible. Below is a list of frequently asked questions about volunteering abroad with Anusaran. If you need additional information, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

What kinds of people volunteer?
People of all ages and walks of life volunteer with Anusaran. There are no specific skills required to volunteer, just an open and friendly heart. Volunteers all share the desire to work with and learn from local women and children. Volunteers include, but are not limited to, families with children, undergraduate and graduate students, teachers on vacation, high school graduates, and retirees. Anyone at any age who has compassion, a sense of adventure, and wants a meaningful way to see India is perfect for volunteering with Anusaran.

Do I need to speak another language to volunteer?
You must be able to speak English fluently.

Do I need any specific skills to volunteer abroad?
No specific skills are required to volunteer. Just come to India with a positive attitude and flexibility.

When can I volunteer?
All volunteer programs begin on the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month. (*Some exceptions to these dates may apply. Please email Anusaran with any questions.)

How long can I volunteer?
You can volunteer for as short as two weeks or as long as you would like to stay.

• Airport pickup and drop-off
• Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for duration of volunteer program. Food is provided on your free time if you are at the hostel or host family's house.
• Transportation to and from your volunteer site (if you're placed in a village school)
• Accommodations
• Team leader

• Program coordination (orientation materials, project management, volunteer preparation, administrative costs)

What the programme fees do not cover :
• Airfare
• Visa and immunization fees
• Free-time expenses (transportation and food, if you're not at the hostel)

• Travel insurance


Do I need a visa to travel to India?
Yes. Contact the Indian Embassy nearest you for details.

Can I volunteer with children?
Yes. We accept volunteers of any age. An adult must accompany volunteers under 18.

Is there a volunteer age limit?

How far in advance do I need to apply?
Your application must be received at least 3 months prior to your intended start date. The program fees must be received at least 1 month prior to your intended start date. Anusaran will send you an official invoice and some pre-departure information immediately upon receipt of your payment. This will confirm your enrollment. All fees must be paid by cheque or money order made payable to: Anusaran. Application and program fees can be mailed to Anusaran: (link to contact us page) Many teams fill up early, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible. Early enrollment allows you extra time for obtaining a visa and purchasing the cheapest airfare possible.

Can I volunteer with friends?

How will I get from the airport to the hostel?
Anusaran's team leader will greet you at the airport and help you get settled at the hostel.

What will my accommodations be like?
Depending on your volunteer assignment, you will be placed in a hostel or with a host family. The hostel and the host families live within walking distance to markets and shops. If you are placed in the hostel, you will share accommodations with other volunteers. The host families may speak some English and are experienced with overseas volunteers. All cooks are trained in safe food handling and prepare delicious vegetarian and nonvegetarian meals. The water is double purified using a reverse osmosis system that is safe for volunteers to drink. All accommodations have beds, toilets, running water, and electricity.

Will there be free time to travel?
You will have free time during the evenings and weekends. Either alone or with other volunteers, you can hire a driver to transport you around Delhi for the day. This is a comfortable, safe, and fairly inexpensive way to see the sights of Delhi. This option is especially nice if you are going to visit multiple places in one day. Alternatively, you can ride the metro. The metro is cheaper than hiring a driver, but it may not take you to your exact destination. If you remain local, you can walk or take a rickshaw to the markets.
Will I have access to the Internet, a telephone, or the post office during my stay in India?
Yes. There are post offices and Internet cafes in the markets that also offer international calling.

What should I remember to bring to India?

1. Documents

• Passport
• Visa
• Traveler's cheques (and receipt)
• ATM card and/or credit card
• Copies of Passport, Visa, Identification, credit cards, airline/bus/train tickets (leave a set with someone at    home and keep a copy with you, separate from the originals)

• Lonely Planet India (or any other travel book about India)


2. Clothes
Women should always have their legs and shoulders covered. When visiting temples, men need to wear long pants. In the winter, it's very cold in Delhi, so pack warm clothes. In the summer, it's very hot, so pack breathable cotton clothes. Bring a pair of flip-flops to wear when inside your hostel or host family's house.
3. Miscellaneous Items

• Torch/flashlight (lots of power outages)
• Basic first aid kit
• Rehydration powder (Essential if you're in Delhi during the summer. You can purchase the packets of powder at a chemist in Delhi)

• Mosquito repellent


Should I bring extra money with me?
It's always a good idea to travel with extra money. You will need money for travel and activities on your free time. We recommend bringing cash, traveler's cheques, and an ATM card.

I became attached to the children and realized just how important and significant it is for more people to sign up and volunteer with this organization. The help is greatly needed and the children and young women are absolutely endearing, wonderful, and so excited to learn." Adrian 25, U.S.A., 12 week volunteer.

Step-by-step Application Process:

1. Download and fill out the application form.
2.Mail the application form to Anusaran. Anusaran must receive your application at least 3 months prior to programme start date. .
3. Anusaran will notify you by email immediately upon receipt of your application.
4.Mail full payment of program fees to Anusaran as soon as possible to secure your placement. All fees must be paid by cheque or money order made payable to Anusaran. All fees must be paid at least 1 month prior to programme start date. Most volunteers choose to send their payment along with their application at least 3 months before the programme start date. 
5.Anusaran will send you an official invoice and some pre-departure information immediately upon receipt of your payment. This will confirm your enrollment. As soon as your payment has been received, you should purchase your airline ticket, obtain your visa, and get any necessary immunizations. 
6.Email your flight itinerary to Anusaran as soon as possible.
"It's comforting to know that these children are getting a chance to learn because they are absolutely an inspiration." Luke 23, U.S.A. 6 week volunteer




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